Twan Dee Bio

Antione D. Williams also known as Twan Dee, born January 18, 1986 in Mt.Clemens Michigan, the son of Yalaunda Willis (Butts) and L’Harry Williams. Twan Spent his early Childhood growing up in Mt.Clemens, on Court and Clemens in the projects. With all Twan ever wanting to do is play basketball being one of the stars of the basketball team, he found his love for music also. Started rapping at the young age of 11 years old, making his first song with his Uncle T.J. that inspired him to keep on going. At the age of 14 Twan and a group of friends formed a group called “Mad Boyz”, (Twan Dee, EMS, Tut) and a label 50/50 Entertainment putting there first Demo together March of 2002.

In 2004 the Mad Boyz Graduated high school and went there different ways but still kept in touch. Twan’s love for the music didn’t stop him from doing it, he learned more about it, took what he learned about making beats from EMS and taught himself to get better, putting together a demo (Mixtape VOL.1) that he mostly gave out. Twan continued working hard and shorty put out a album that he sold but mostly gave away to create a buzz. It got into the hands of this party promotor name “Big Red” he caught up with Twan set up a meeting and from there forward treated Twan as a brother but a artist at the same time, setting up shows for him and promoting him everywhere he went. EMS and Twan got back together to continue there 50/50 Entertainment label. Twan put out a Mixtape Vol.2 (Da Last piece to da puzzle) in 2007, Twan only sold out the trunk of the car no stores.

That same Year Twan’s Girl friend Chelsea gave birth to his son on May 17, 2007 which he named after him. Twan buzz around the area grew, EMS got in contact with a management company which were located in Atlanta, GA. They were intrested in getting together and helping them out with some promo, there so they took them up on there offer and went to Atlanta. Things didnt work out the way they was suppose to so Twan decide to move back to Michigan because it was hard for him to be away from his 9 month old son, EMS stayed. He promise EMS that he will b back and forth and thats what he have been doing. Twan got a job cleaning houses to support his family and Music. The following year he put together another Mixtape Vol.3 (Da streets keep callin me) that he also sold out the trunk and quit his job cleaning houses.

Twan liked cutting hair by him knowing someone that own a barber shop he got a job as a barber, starting off his business was slow he sold his mixtape out the barber shop. During the 2 years working as a barber he never stopped recording he stayed doing shows and stayed promoting himself. Guy name Mac Twan Knew introduced him to a guy named John Drama who also rapped but gave parties to let local acts perform. Drama helped Twan with getting his single (Boomerang) on a radio show called “Whats next on the menu” which aired every saturday night.

2010 Twan Buzz have grown but by him making a bigger name for himself people began to make “diss” songs about him that Twan payed no attention to but did take a part out of one of the songs that got his attention (Im da man in the hood Twan Dee u aint shit) and made a song using that part which he did his first video to. July 2010 he worked on his second video to his single “Boomerang”. Twan came out with Mixtape Vol.4 (Neva gone stop) in 2011 that he put in a couple stores but mostly sold himself out the trunk of his car and the barber shop and u can also find it on for free download.

2012 Twan ended u moving in with his aunt and uncle (Sunny and Ced) because of some stress related issues that involving the mother of his child and someone breaking into his home and stealing personal items and money. That didn’t stop him from doin his music he built a studio in the basement and got back to recording. Thats when he came up with the idea “I Took It So What” The meaning behind it is he use some of the popular beats that was out at the time and rapped over them just for promotion use only he never sold none of them just gave them out to keep a buzz goin. He dropped the first “I Took It So What” April of 2012 and came out with “I Took It So What 2” September of 2012.

So Twan pushed both of them for the whole year of 2013 promoting, doing shows and getting people more familiar with “I Took It So What” while learning more of the music and business part of it. During that he was working on “I Took It So What 3”. By now lots of people are familiar with it. Putting out ITISW3 in July of 2014 everything started taking off more. He hooked up wit a women he knew for years name Kim Norton who had so much faith in him and his music she started helping him grow as a artist and she is currently his manager now. They been doing lots of shows, promoting in different states and touring. More people, labels, investor are trying to reach out to Twan and do business. In Twan’s words “We not signing no dummy deals or dealing wit scam artist cause its a lot of it going on right now and i been through it already”.

Twan hooked up wit platinum recording artist Mike Jones and did a song wit him that was Produced by “Coe” that will appear on Twan’s album “Backstabbers”. Backstabbers is coming May of 2015. Twan put a lot of hard work and dedication into his Music and said BackStabbers is some of his best original work. He has different producers, Great features and its a over all complete album. He expect it to do good.

Twan is still a barber and getting ready to start working on ITISW4 which he plans to drop 2016.